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Hi bjorn.spockeli !

Em qua, 15/10/14, bjorn.spockeli <bjorn.spockeli at gmail.com> escreveu:
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 Data: Quarta-feira, 15 de Outubro de 2014, 13:01
 Im trying to run rtkrcv under linux,
 but i've run into some problems and it
 would be great if anyone of you could point out what im
 doing wrong.
 My setup is a ublox lea-6t reciever with a ANN-MS-0-005
 Antenna connected to
 the usbport of my desktop computer (running Linux Mint 17)
 with a Prolific 
 PL2303  USB-RS232 Converter. 

 The setup works perfectly with RTKNAVI ver.2.4.2 on

i suppose you set rxm_raw and rxm_sfrb messages as it works under rtknavi.

Please check your configuration file: 

# standalone. for NTRIP set  type and path. yours are off
inpstr1-type       =serial     # serial
inpstr2-type       =off        # off || ntripcli
inpstr3-type       =off        # off || ntripcli
# ublox baudrate =ttyACM0:57600:8:n:1:off i guess
inpstr1-path       =ttyUSB0:57600:8:n:1:off
inpstr2-path       =
inpstr3-path       =
# here path and permissions
misc-startcmd      =./rtkstart.sh
misc-stopcmd       =./rtkshut.sh
file-cmdfile1      =../../../data/ubx_raw_1hz.cmd
file-cmdfile2      =../../../data/ubx_raw_1hz.cmd

i hope it helps.


julio menezes

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