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Dera John,

i did not read all thread, i apologise if my answer are redundant.

long time ago i wrote some code for a HP200 palmtop to talk with a Novatel DL4.
I remember i sent commands thru DL4tools.exe CDU.exe or thru a serial port terminal application.

a) set the receiver communication port baudrate and save the configuration ( receiver NVRAN )
Receiver COM1 and COM2 are bidirectional but i remember a have to build a adapter to swap pins 2 and 3 TX RX to use an USB-serial-cable.

gross mode:

com com1 115200 n 8 1 n

b) set the receiver do output raw data trhu serial port.
it is possible to log data and sent it thru  serial port at same time.
the sintaxe was like:B=binary A=ascii   rangecmpA
LOG where what how
you can use bestposA to check the communication.

log FILE RANGECMPB on time 1
log COM1 RANGECMPB on time 1
log com1 BESTPOSA on time 1       

save config

for rtklib you can set:

log com1 rangecmpb ontime 1
log com1 rawephemb onnew
log com1 ionutcb onnew
log com1 rawwaasframeb onnew
log com1 gloephemerisb onnew
save config

please, this are just directions, i am not sure about your receiver.

i hope it helps.

julio menezes

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