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Richard Meyer rmeyer at unitronlp.com
Fri Apr 24 11:24:23 PDT 2015

I would like to introduce myself to everybody out there as a new FOSS-GPS member.   I am an Electrical Engineer with over 40 years of research and development expertise  in areas of Radar guidance, Aircraft electrical power systems, and High Definition Television.   Every year in September I volunteer at an old car swap meet where we map out 4,000 parking spaces in the grass at a local Fairgrounds using measuring tapes and a lot of good luck.   There's got to be a better way to do this accurately.   We cannot afford the expensive surveying equipment to help us out, so I started looking at RTKLIB systems.   I am working on porting RTKLIB to several platforms using LEA-6T GPS receivers, first with the Beaglebone Black and a Beadaframe 7 inch LCD panel.   Based on some previous FOSS_GPS posts I have acquired GPS Receiver circuit boards from Synergy Systems in California.   Yes, they still sell that product although it is not listed on their website.   Their circuit board contains an LEA-6T and a Microchip PIC24 processor which could be another RTKLIB platform, nice small package.   So far I have seen no information about anybody using the Microchip PIC24 or PIC32 processors with RTKLIB.    Any suggestions would be greatly accepted.  - Richard Meyer, Dallas, TX

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