[FOSS-GPS] Accurate timestamp in rtkpost

Felipe G. Nievinski fgnievinski at gmail.com
Sun Dec 6 18:19:56 PST 2015

You may want to check this out:
"All iPhones supported by LapTimer come with an internal GPS sensor and can
be used for lap timing out of the box. However, if you are interested in
higher accuracy and use LapTimer a lot, I recommend the use of an external
GPS accessory. (...) For iOS devices any Bluetooth GPS connected needs to
be Mfi (Made for iPhone) certified. This is the reason most GPSes you can
buy will not work with your i-device. In addition, there are two approaches
for LapTimer to receive data from GPS devices: direct access or using iOS's
Location Service. The later works with all Mfi GPSes but limits data to
what is passed through by iOS and limits update rates in addition. This is
the reason we recommend GPSes connected directly and list these only. (...)
In addition, any GPS making an NMEA stream available via Wi-Fi can be
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