[FOSS-GPS] Faking a Radio device to use receiver as a Base station

Shrivastav Abhishek ShrivastavAbhishek at JohnDeere.com
Wed Dec 9 09:02:30 PST 2015

I have a GPS receiver that works as a Base station when I connect a 4xx MHz radio (Freewave) to it. I have the handshake that happens when the Radio is connected to the receiver.

The receiver sends a SL%C command which is used to identify the radio that will be connected to the Receiver. The radio therefore sends its identification which  have copied. All I am trying to do is replace the radio and use a Raspberry Pi so that I do not have to use the radio and my receiver acts as a Base station.

However, when I try to fake the handshake I do get connected to the receiver i.e. the receiver identifies that ok the radio is fine but this happens for a second or so and my receiver cannot act as a Base station.

Please help
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