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Antonella Marsico antonella.marsico at uniba.it
Tue Jan 20 06:33:10 PST 2015

I think the problem is in the short time... I will try again with a longer

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Hi Antonella Marsico ,

Em ter, 20/1/15, Antonella Marsico <antonella.marsico at uniba.it> escreveu:

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 Ok, the reference
 distance is 10,5km... 
 I selected Single in
 the output panel and I get just one position with
 Q=2:1(100%) in orange: is it right? in the  RTKPLOT I don't see any data
about Nsat  or position or velocity... Is it correct?
 Thank you very much for all.

You should get Q=1 fixed unless you have:
a) short occupation time, try sessions of 1 hour, repeat to confirm. 
b) blocked signal by buildings or trees,
c) some wrong settings
d) some hardware failure ( cables ... )

the Nsat is reported inside POS file, "ns" field, near "Q" field.

if you don't mind, you could send me your collected data and a short
description about your receiver+antenna and field conditions.

julio menezes

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