[FOSS-GPS] rtknavi vs rtkrcv

Fred Labrosse ffl at aber.ac.uk
Mon Nov 2 02:41:39 PST 2015


I don't understand.  I just tried again, with exactly the same settings but 
not the same place, with a much worse view of the sky (antenna on the frame 
of my window on the side of a building rather than top of a roof!).  And it 

It might well have been ephemeris data not yet valid to rtkrcv.  Where is 
that stored?



On Friday 30 October 2015 17:19:52 Fred Labrosse wrote:
> All,
> I have been trying to use the unix applications, after getting good
> results with the Windows ones.
> I now have a (unix) server that serves data from one receiver for now and
> if I connect rtknavi (windows) to it in PPP-static I get a fix quite
> quickly.  If at the same time I connect rtkrcv to the same server, the
> result is not so good.  If I make it display the observations (observ
> 1), I do get data that is similar to what I see in rtknavi.  If I make
> it display the satellites, I most of the time don't get any, sometimes
> 1, sometimes a full set.  This seems to be random between stop/starts. 
> Waiting does not seem to help.	If I manage to get a fix in rtkrcv, stop
> and restart it, usually I don't get a fix.  However, if I do the same in
> rtknavi, I get a fix almost immediately.
> What have I missed?
> Cheers,
> Fred
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