[FOSS-GPS] RTKLib fixed baseline length

David Kelley DavidKelley at iTSware.net
Sat Apr 2 15:09:23 PDT 2016

Marco :
Works fine for me as well.
There are no "special" switches, does it first work for you when 
stationary? Start with getting that to work as a first step.

If you have it working in the mode "Kinematic" (ie normal moving rover 
RTK) or "Static" (ie stationary RTK where measurement noise is taken out 
in dithering the clock estimate more than the position), then 
"Moving-Base" should work as well.   I presume you know the reason for 
using this mode is often to get a precise estimate of the rovers heading.

Here is an image of it working in that mode on short 130cm baseline.  
You can see that the two antenna are nearly, not not 100% located N-S 
with respect to each other.  The ~0.1 degree shift is because the West 
side of office building does not run a true north-south!   Feel free to 
connect to the SNIP NTRIP casters that are listed on the image below to 
confirm everything else is working.  [No user id is needed, and 
Serv2.itsware.net:2101 is left up during the weekend. Not guarantees 
during the US work week as that is used a testing machine.]

Good luck!
Regards,  DC Kelley

On 4/2/2016 2:26 PM, arwooldridge at googlemail.com wrote:
> Selecting moving base mode works for me. But I have not tried fixing 
> baseline length recently. Regards Anthony
> Sent from my HTC
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> From: "Marco Mendonça" <mammendonca at gmail.com>
> To: <foss-gps at lists.osgeo.org>
> Subject: [FOSS-GPS] RTKLib fixed baseline length
> Date: Sat, Apr 2, 2016 20:13
> Hi all,
> I'm having some issues processing an RTK baseline with the fixed 
> baseline length feature. I can't get anything close to a reasonable 
> solution. Are there any other settings that I have to change along 
> with this to make it work?
> Thanks!
> - Marco Mendonça

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