[FOSS-GPS] FoxtrotGPS - POI and other stuff

David Bannon dbannon at internode.on.net
Thu Dec 15 01:40:13 PST 2016

Hi Folks, some questions about FoxtrotGPS ?

1. Reference is made to the poi.db, an sqlite database. Anyone know 
where the format of that file is documented ? I might be able to work it 
out from poi.c but not very keen.

2. My install of Foxtrot does not have any mention of poi in menus, is 
that because the Ubuntu build chooses to not support poi ?

3. Assuming above, I grabbed source but the INSTALL file with building 
instructions seems to have gone away. Those instructions exist on the 
web site, should we make a new INSTALL file or remove reference to it 
from README ?

4. In Contributions, the script, gpx2osm, line 26 says "...osm 
version='0.5'...". OSM now requires version 0.6, fortunately, what we 
are doing here is unchanged with the version boost so its a simple edit, 
change 0.5 to 0.6

5. Do you want a "pull request" or what ever Launchpad uses to do 3 and 
4 of this ?


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