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Sezer Yalcin syalcintr at gmail.com
Thu Dec 15 01:52:43 PST 2016

Just for #1
Sqlite is very common database. You can use available C libraries or deal
with it use simpler scripting languages like PHP

On Thu, Dec 15, 2016 at 12:40 PM, David Bannon <dbannon at internode.on.net>

> Hi Folks, some questions about FoxtrotGPS ?
> 1. Reference is made to the poi.db, an sqlite database. Anyone know where
> the format of that file is documented ? I might be able to work it out from
> poi.c but not very keen.
> 2. My install of Foxtrot does not have any mention of poi in menus, is
> that because the Ubuntu build chooses to not support poi ?
> 3. Assuming above, I grabbed source but the INSTALL file with building
> instructions seems to have gone away. Those instructions exist on the web
> site, should we make a new INSTALL file or remove reference to it from
> 4. In Contributions, the script, gpx2osm, line 26 says "...osm
> version='0.5'...". OSM now requires version 0.6, fortunately, what we are
> doing here is unchanged with the version boost so its a simple edit, change
> 0.5 to 0.6
> 5. Do you want a "pull request" or what ever Launchpad uses to do 3 and 4
> of this ?
> David
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