[FOSS-GPS] Alternative GPS software?

henry35 at keemail.me henry35 at keemail.me
Thu Feb 18 02:08:07 PST 2016


I've been asked if there is any alternative software that corresponds to the 
commercial "Waypoint" software products offered by NovAtel, "Inertial 
Explorer" and "GrafNav SDK". Both open-source and other commercial products 
could be of interest. I would greatly appreciate your help.

Personally I am unfortunately quite unfamiliar with GPS software in general, 
the usage and function of the software. So I'm sorry that I can't provide 
much of a description of the software myself, but the following links should 
provide ample information about the products.

I've skimmed the documentation and as far I've been able to learn GrafNav 
could be described as a GPS-postprocessing software, and Inertial Explorer is 
some sort of GPS/position optimization software (a bit unsure).


Are you aware of any similar software, either open-source or other commercial 
alternatives? I did some quick searching and learnt of the open source tools 
RTKLib and GPSTK, how well would they correspond to the products from 

Thanks for your help

Best Regards
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