[FOSS-GPS] Getting final RTK position from RTKNAVI to a GIS software

Dhirendra Singh dskumher1968 at gmail.com
Fri Sep 9 09:55:38 PDT 2016

I use arcpad GPS data collection software which looks for a NMEA GPS device
on a serial COM port in windows.
I can take final RTK output as a NMEA text file from RTKNAVI output window.
But* How can I get real time RTK position coordinates in the GIS software
from RTKNAVI which is my ultimate objective of using RTKLIB ? *One com port
of the rover receiver is already used/engaged in RTKNAVI input. If we get
final RTK NMEA output on a serial port that also gets engaged & can't be
used in the GIS software. So what is the solution to the problem while
using RTKLIB for real time RTK position coordinates ? I have used split
serial port also to free a serial port. I have tried many options but
failed to get real time final RTK output directly from RTKNAVI to the GIS
software which I use in the field to get GPS position coordinates. Can
anybody help with this issue ?
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