[FOSS-GPS] FoxtrotGPS - POI and other stuff

David Bannon dbannon at internode.on.net
Thu Jan 12 14:57:02 PST 2017

Ah, thanks Joshua. I did work out from the source pretty much what you 
say here. But was puzzelled by some fields, looks like you share that 
puzzelment ! I did not realise it went all the way back to Markus.

On 09/01/17 17:52, Joshua Judson Rosen wrote:
> Thought you might think it from the name, "idmd5" ID-string
Seems to be just a (almost) unique number generator. Makes sense.

The naming of the icon used to mark each POI is pretty interesting ! 
Needed strace to work it out. Icon is named for what appears in the 
keyword field. So, if the contents is "Camp.png" then thats the name of 
the icon. However, if the contents of keywords is "Camp Standard" then 
it looks for, literally, "Camp%20Standard".  The space 'escaped', 
replaced with the actual characters %20 and the .png dropped off.

Messy IMHO.

Sounds like he was in the process of changing the meaning of that field, 
perhaps because, in the first draft of the schema, he forgot to include 
an icon name field ? Seems a shame to drop the keyword functionality but 
obviously do need to name the icon.

I wonder if anyone is using that existing behaviour ?

(Indeed, I wonder i anyone is using Tango itself ?  Still by far the 
best Linux tool for the job....)

I'd like to "fix" the POI stuff but I guess it must be done without 
breaking existing behaviour. I think I'd add a "Icon" field to the 
scheme, would be forward compatible but not backwards.

Be interesting to hear what functionality others expect from POI ???


> I'm not immediately sure whether any of the various
> unused columns after extended_open were _ever used_
> back when Marcus was developing the codebase as tangoGPS,
> or if he just reserved them because he thought he might
> use them for something at some point in the future....
> In response to your other questions...:
>>> On Thu, Dec 15, 2016 at 12:40 PM, David Bannon
>>> <dbannon at internode.on.net <mailto:dbannon at internode.on.net>> wrote:
>>>      Hi Folks, some questions about FoxtrotGPS ?
>>>      1. Reference is made to the poi.db, an sqlite database. Anyone
>>>      know where the format of that file is documented ? I might be able
>>>      to work it out from poi.c but not very keen.
>>>      2. My install of Foxtrot does not have any mention of poi in
>>>      menus, is that because the Ubuntu build chooses to not support poi ?
> No idea why the POI menu-items would be missing. The menus work
> other than that--you have items for waypoints, route-finding,
> route-planning, photos...?
> I don't think there's any code to show/hide the "show POIs" item
> or the "POIs" submenu.
>>>      3. Assuming above, I grabbed source but the INSTALL file with
>>>      building instructions seems to have gone away. Those instructions
>>>      exist on the web site, should we make a new INSTALL file or remove
>>>      reference to it from README ?
> It should still be in the release tarballs; it's autogenerated
> when you run ./autogen.sh. There used to be a version in bzr that
> basically had the contents of the README prepended to it;
> that was removed mostly to let Autotools actually give us
> as up-to-date a set of INSTALL instructions as it could
> (and prepending our README onto INSTALL seemed redundant--
> especially when the INSTALL file that Autotools generates says
> "see the `README' file for instructions specific to this package"
> at the top of the file).
>>>      4. In Contributions, the script, gpx2osm, line 26 says "...osm
>>>      version='0.5'...". OSM now requires version 0.6, fortunately, what
>>>      we are doing here is unchanged with the version boost so its a
>>>      simple edit, change 0.5 to 0.6
> Is that really all that needs to be changed?
> Hm. While I'm looking at that... do you know if the "generator='JOSM'"
> bit is actually necessary? (IIRC you just copied that verbatim
> from Marcus' perl script?)
>>>      5. Do you want a "pull request" or what ever Launchpad uses to do
>>>      3 and 4 of this ?
> Does the above explanation change your mind any about the INSTALL file? ;)
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