[FOSS-GPS] INSTALL, menus and gpx2osm

David Bannon dbannon at internode.on.net
Thu Jan 12 19:20:39 PST 2017

Hmm, sorry Joshua, I have not answered all your questions. That comes 
from asking to many questions in the one thread (which I did !).

On 09/01/17 17:52, Joshua Judson Rosen wrote:
> No idea why the POI menu-items would be missing.
Its not missing, I just did not look hard enough. Sigh ....

> 3. Assuming above, I grabbed source but the INSTALL file with....

Yep, the install file is there. No idea of why I could not see it. 
Honestly, no idea ! But I was having some build problems, cannot 
remember the details (Christmas...) so will have another look when I get 
the time.

> 4. In Contributions, the script, gpx2osm, line 26 says "...osm.....
> Is that really all that needs to be changed?
Yes, while the spec has changed a little, its not relevant to our use.

> Hm. While I'm looking at that... do you know if the "generator='JOSM'"
> bit is actually necessary? (IIRC you just copied that verbatim
> from Marcus' perl script?)
Hmm, yes, pretty sure the "generator='JOSM'" was a direct lift from 
Markus's original. I do feed the output to JOSM (and expect Markus did 
too) but I don't think its necessary. Will have a play, have some data 
to upload anyway.


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