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I think No 3 is absolutely ok, and perfectly reasonable, and encouraged. BTW< if yours want a play buddy, my daughter is 9.5 ( she will be at school, but could bring her over on Fri. Maybe we could do some scratch coding for them?).
No 1 and 2 are more difficult. What about just supporting those that would come with children with some co-contribution for a sitter, but not organising this as “us – I really do not know what the legal ramifications are.
If we are getting quotes form somewhere, fine, let’s see, for No2.

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Subject: [FOSS4G-Oceania] Childcare at FOSS4G SotM Oceania

Hi all

We need to assess interest in childcare assistance at FOSS4G SotM Oceania. A few models are possible:

- full time care (needs $$), which might suit parents of small humans who need to be dropped off for the day (or two) so that parents can conference like a boss
- part-time care (also needs $$), for parents who want to drop little humans off for, say, a morning session
- child-friendliness (less $$), means that that big humans are tolerant of little humans being in sessions, being breastfed, being around. It also means that big humans who bring little humans need to be respectful of the conference in general, ie exit sessions as needed to help everyone else enjoy the conference (this is the likely model I will use, since my small humans will be 8 and 9.5) and respect the limits of their small humans’ endurance for being stuck in conference sessions.

Things to consider:

- legal issues. If we organise childcare, it will likely need to be done by paying a provider. That covers us all for any legal issues.
- cost issues. Doing the above is expensive. We’ve got some quotes, but need to refine interest in using childcare and get better quotes!
- general support. Are we happy as a unit to pause talks etc briefly to let parents escape if need be? Are we able as a group to look out for, and be tolerant of, small humans as we get around?

Is that a reasonable set of stuff to discuss? Happy to hear your thoughts


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