[FOSS4G-Oceania-discuss] [Aust-NZ] FOSS4G SotM Oceania meeting minutes

bradh at frogmouth.net bradh at frogmouth.net
Sun Sep 9 02:58:34 PDT 2018

I note the approval of https://foss4g-oceania.org/child-friendly-conference in the minutes. Will you take patches on that policy?

I’m particularly concerned about this part:
In kind, we request that everyone:
• Be patient with children. They are our future leaders and learn by modelling what we do.
• Be patient with parents. Children are not robots and don’t have ‘quiet now’ buttons.
• Leave seats near exits free, for use by parents and children (see above - they may need to make quick exits)
• Assist. If you see a child looking lost or distressed, get down to their level and ask them how you can help. Find a conference volunteer to hand over to.
• Remember parents are doing the best they can. At the conference, if you have issues with children or parents, please contact the diversity team (as per the Code of Conduct).

I don’t think the second last point is reasonable. I’m not going to the conference to look after other people’s children – I’m not comfortable doing so, and I don't consider it my responsibility to do so in any case.
Will you take amendments to make that "if you feel comfortable in doing so"?

The second point can also be interpreted such that parents do not need to control their children. The request that parents "Be aware of the needs of other conference attendees, who have also paid to turn up and hear people speak." is fairly weak (and doesn't actually require parents to do anything, while everyone else has to tolerate the child). 
Will you take amendments to make parents responsible for controlling their children and mitigating the effect that those children have on other conference attendees?


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