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Mon Apr 29 15:12:17 PDT 2019

On Mon, Apr 29, 2019 at 3:35 PM adam steer <adam.d.steer at gmail.com> wrote:
> Those feedback numbers represent 4% / 12% of the whole audience (n=250);
and 9.6 / 28 % of feedback providers respectively (n=104)

Yep, and they're both right up at the top for most consistent items of
constructive feedback that we received.

> For context, a number of the complaints about sessions getting out of
sync relate to one specific session which had the mother of all tech
failures at the start, and the chair (me) decided that letting everyone
speak was more important than syncing sessions and dropping a speaker.

The feedback that I heard during the actual conference was about talks that
were starting before they were timetabled to begin and the lack of
allocated time to change rooms so people were moving during question time.
The feedback collected does not single out the one session that had tech
failures. We can give ourselves a free pass on that one and I think your
approach was the best option given that sort of delay.

The two breakout rooms this year are separated by a flight of stairs or a
lift (Lower Ground Floor and Ground Floor, pretty much directly above /
below one another). The distance to move between these rooms is longer than
last year.

Please note that my proposal drops only 3 full length presentations but it
also includes 2 more lightning talks (arguably the most successful part of
our program).
The difference in the number of people on stage is 1 person. The benefit is
3mins longer for all talks and 2mins longer for moving between rooms -
addressing both of those key items of feedback received.

> Is there a specific reason to close at 5? I think we could push till 5:30
if we wanted to, it’s only two days we need to stay switched on for...

I always find my attention span is waning toward the end of a packed
conference day. If we push that last session too long, I think we'll lose
people in the afternoon tea break. A 5pm end means we're consistent across
all four days. It's also preferable for locals who need to get home to
their families for dinner / getting the kids in bed.
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