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While I'm not weighing in on talk length, I think it will be valuable to
discuss our challenges with speakers, because they can help. We should
* Speaking time is going to be limited, we need the help of speakers.
* We want to pack as much quality content into a short space of time.
* Speakers can help by really polishing their speaches, and helping
increase the information density of their presentations.
* How do you do this? Pracice your presentation. Make every word count.
Pracice again. Write your presentation out in full before hand. Read it out
loud. Trim every word that doesn't add value. This doesn't always mean
talking fast. Sometimes silence emphasises a point and gives time to absorb
an important point. But make the silences meaningful too.

On Tue, 30 Apr 2019 at 07:28, John Bryant <johnwbryant at gmail.com> wrote:

> I have to disagree that the feedback represents a small subset of opinions
> - the feedback that talk length was too short was one of the clearest
> messages we received.
> I really like the idea of factoring in explicit interchange time, as
> Martin put it. Having an allocated 2 min room switch time means that
> there's none of this
> people-coming-and-going-while-question-time-is-happening, a big distraction.
> Re: the number of people on stage - I really like the idea of being
> inclusive. But I also feel strongly that we need a selection process, and
> that not all talks should be accepted. Not because I don't think that
> everyone has a story to tell, but because a little bit of competition for
> spaces will, I believe, ultimately help us maintain a high standard of
> content. In 2019 we are targeting a smaller audience, thus a smaller pool
> of potential speakers... how do we mitigate this? By adding slots, we're
> pushing the goalposts a bit farther away.
> I feel that inclusivity would be better achieved by placing emphasis on
> the submission process - ie. find ways to make sure oldies & newbies alike
> feel welcome to submit, provide encouragement and assistance along the way,
> and promise things like a 'speakers bootcamp' on workshop day, so that new
> speakers might feel like they will be supported throughout the process.
> Re: talk lengths, I like Daniel's proposed tweaks, it feels like they
> navigate the issues nicely, while potentially addressing the audience
> feedback about talk lengths.
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