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Having only session chaired once, we had good set of email instructions and that was fine I thought. The chairs used  paper pads written with 5 mins, 1 min countdown and this worked well. It takes the timing pressure off the speaker and makes them look around :) We also had our laptops at the ready as back up.
I have had one workshop major glitch before and will always carry a USB now.

    On Tuesday, 30 April 2019, 12:03:46 GMT+12, Alex Leith <alexgleith at gmail.com> wrote:  
 Hey Adam

An in-person discussion on workshop day is a great idea.
We can do a couple of coaching sessions a month and two-weeks before too. I did communicate with session chairs, but I left them to self-direct a lot... so being a bit more involved in building a common view will help, I think. Building on last-year's instructions should make this easy.
We can also perhaps do a little more to ensure that devices are ready in the rooms, so that session chairs know how things will work and that they actually DO work!
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- lets adopt Daniels program.
- we will strongly encourage speakers to use timers (most people have one in their pocket, I use one)
- let's try to meet all the session chairs on workshop day (if they’re not giving workshops), but again, that doesn't mitigate the case of ‘last second’ or 'fill in' chairing (me, with the massive technical glitch to boot; also me and a lot of other people at other F4G events I’ve been to).
Alex did a great job of preparing materials for session chairs last year - this shows that even the best laid plans go awry when the rubber hits the floor. It’s no reflection on the chairs or speakers, everyone does the best they can. Yes people are paying to come, and yes we can have a slick professional event if they pay a lot more (noting that even slick professional events have hiccups)
Overall we need to remember, and perhaps impress upon the audience, that it’s a conference bootstrapped by volunteers.

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