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I vote in favour (+1) for the PeopleSA invoice. One note though? Is this an
initial and only invoice for professional services, or is there more to


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There are a number of big items that need approval. I approve these and will
assume they're approved by the LOC since there's been no dissent since they
were sent out:


1)       The FOSS4G2008 budget. A new version should be posted today by
PeopleSA with minor changes. Paul was concerned about the sponsorship we
require but please see this in light of the Prospectus I sent our earlier.

2)       The 'Venue Hire Booking Schedule' (sent to the LOC by Petro on
Saturday), which will be submitted to the CTICC today. They will invoice us
for the deposit to secure the venue on the basis of this schedule.

3)       Payment of the first tranch to PeopleSA as per our agreement and
the budget. Granted the invoice hasn't been seen by the whole LOC but it is
attached here and is according to the budget, and was due end Oct but we
were invoiced late. 


If there is significant and valid dissent before 8am GMT+2 on 7 Nov we'll
have a discussion and if necessary a vote. 


For future approvals and big decisions where a vote is required this will be
the procedure:

* Someone makes a motion

* Someone seconds that motion

* Have a short time of discussion

* Chair declares voting open, maybe with a timeline for when it will close

* Everyone on the committee votes, we can use the -1/+1 method or something
in plain english

** In Favour (+1)

** Abstaining/neither for or against (0)

** Against (-1)

* The chair tallies the votes and declares the result





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