[Foss4g2008loc] final draft sponsorhip prospectus for comment andapproval

Inge Netterberg inge.netterberg at gmail.com
Tue Nov 6 05:25:49 EST 2007

Dear all,


My comments:


I have requested the designer for a cover page which I would like us to use
for all documentation - this will assist with developing the brand and
identity for the conference. As soon as this is ready I will sent it


Formatting - please can we be consistent with the formatting - bullet
spacing, paragraph spacing, line spacing etc. the header and footer get lost
in the text, - I suggest using a smaller font for headers. 


I am concerned that it would appear that the opportunities for sponsorship
are limited. What happens when all the designated sponsorship slots are
filled and we have more sponsors? Should we not have additional small
sponsorship for a variety of items? This would not include an exhibition
booth (and no sponsorship of a specific workshop).  


Should all the sponsors (as currently listed) get exhibition booths? Does
that leave much for other persons who just want an exhibition booth? My gut
feel is that only the top 3 categories of sponsorship should automatically
get an exhibition space. One often uses the exhibition space to recoup costs
- I wouldn't give it away if it can be helped.


Have the costs of what we are going to give the sponsors been calculated to
ensure that their sponsorship covers that and more? 


Further sponsorship options: 

There is a doc from AfricaGIS 2005 - which I will forward to Gavin (to big
for this list)


I would not give exhibitors discount on extra delegates. 


Please can you spell my surname correctly: Netterberg









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Hi all


Please see attached the Sponsorship and Exhibitor prospectus. Pending final
inputs it will be ready for distribution before the end of the week. Our
contact list and LOC allocations for contacting prospective sponsors and
exhibitors will also be ready by then. 


The amounts sought here total R1 600 000, which is conservatively what we
need to raise with our budget as it stands. 


This prospectus targets commercial Sponsors and Exhibitors as well as
'in-kind' contributors and Donors. LOC members will be sending it asap to
their contacts, the list that we have been building up, previous sponsors,
the GISSA vendor list, etc.


Please give this your full attention as securing sponsorship is critical at
this stage.







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