[Foss4g2008loc] final draft sponsorhip prospectus for comment and approval

Tyler Mitchell (OSGeo) tmitchell at osgeo.org
Tue Nov 6 02:06:22 EST 2007

Minor comments and suggestions, open to your discretion to toss or  
incorporate.  Feel free to point out any points that I should have  
already known:

- Make the front page logos bigger - they are hard to read at that scale
- Are we looking for more Media Sponsors?
- Bullets have different indents on page 4
- p.5 "Corporate sponsors at the 2007....included x, y, z ..." add:  
"and more."
- Good invite letter from Gavin
- p.6 (and elsewhere) - Add "International" when talking about FOSS4G  
as an event.  i.e. "Purpose: The INTERNATIONAL FOSS4G conference"..
- p.6 Consolidate or removing a handful of the "Major topics" - they  
don't sound too major if there are too many :)
- It's nice to see you using the Queen's english.  If it's  
intentional, feel free to "fix" some of the mis-uses on p. 8 About  
OSGeo "organization".  I also think you can drop the 2nd About OSGeo  
paragraph, except for the URL.
- p.9 - sponsorship levels got confusing this year, as we quickly  
maxed out the  "Gold" category and some sponsors (or potential  
sponsors) were left wondering if they could still sign up as a gold.   
Can we call it a "Target" instead of "Maximum"? Or leave it off the  
"(Max n)" except for our internal use?  Mind you, I understand that  
with the highest levels you want them to be somewhat exclusive.
- p.12 - missing word at end in sentence "can contribute your"
- p.13 - as an exhibitor, it would be great for me to see a possible  
floorplan.  It helps give you a reality check: "Hey, there are a few  
little squares here, I better get one!"  Basically use the graphics  
to help motivate.  It would be really good to show spots filling up  
too, over time, to help build the urgency.
- Also, a statement about how booth spots are allocated is needed  
(unless I missed it). e.g. first sponsor gets first pick, or maybe  
show which (and how many) booths are reserved for the higher levels?
- p.14 - I'd drop "(extra)" and "(continued") from the table - that's  
more of an internal logistics note I assume.
- p.17 - change my title from "ED" to "Executive Director" please :)
- Exhibition Space - is it going to be possible to provide blanket  
(wired or wireless) internet coverage for all exhibitors?  And  
generally throughout the venue?

That's all I can think of for now.
Hope it helps,

On 5-Nov-07, at 2:18 PM, Gavin Fleming wrote:

> Hi all
> Please see attached the Sponsorship and Exhibitor prospectus.  
> Pending final inputs it will be ready for distribution before the  
> end of the week. Our contact list and LOC allocations for  
> contacting prospective sponsors and exhibitors will also be ready  
> by then.
> The amounts sought here total R1 600 000, which is conservatively  
> what we need to raise with our budget as it stands.
> This prospectus targets commercial Sponsors and Exhibitors as well  
> as 'in-kind' contributors and Donors. LOC members will be sending  
> it asap to their contacts, the list that we have been building up,  
> previous sponsors, the GISSA vendor list, etc.
> Please give this your full attention as securing sponsorship is  
> critical at this stage.
> cheers
> Gavin
> <FOSS4G2008 sponsorship and exhibitor prospectus 5 Nov.odt>
> <FOSS4G2008 sponsorship and exhibitor prospectus 5 Nov.pdf>
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