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Hi Paul,

Yes, the "Conference Cost" sheet does show a cost-recovery. This is to
determine a Registration Fee for the conference ,within the OSGEO
requirements, but ensuring we are covering Plenary Costs, Venue Hire,
Computers and Catering . The "Workshop Cost" sheet in the same way shows a
cost-recovery to determine a fee for workshops enabling the split of the two
fees for Registration purposes. 

The Gross Cost of Conference in the budget which includes all costs
(including Exhibition Costs) associated with the conference less the Net
Costs (Plenary, Venue Hire, Computers and Catering) will be covered by
Exhibitors and Sponsorship either by way of separate items or the amounts
from Premier ,Platinum ,Gold and Silver Sponsors as per Prospectus.


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I don't understand the "Conference Costs" sheet at all (except the  
apparent intent to figure out what the cost-recovery figure is).  The  
conference costs are given as about R1500000, while in the budget  
they are R3400000. There's no wireless internet in the costs sheet,  
or program, or proceedings, that all show up in the budget.  What  
does the costs sheet tell us?

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