[Foss4g2008loc] sponsorship question

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How do we include this in the sponsorship prospectus? 

Do we?


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I think your proposal is fair and giving something in return always make
negotiating much easier.




>>> Carrin.Martin at mrc.ac.za 11/26/2007 7:52 AM >>>


I was thinking about brining the costs down and was wondering if we
could do the following.

1. get a company, say Cape Town Tourism, to sponsor the demo booth for
R100 000, and allow them to put posters all over the sides, inside and
out. Our cost for the booth is about R45 000.  

2. we are going to ask various government department for big sponsor
donation, what about selling them the workshop rooms, floor space and
computers, and include in 4 free passes. I think we can then justify
asking for big money and it would be good to give them something in
return.  We could approach the Dept of Science and Technology (DST),
StatsSA, Dept of Land Affairs (DLA), and the State Information and
Technology Agency (SITA).  If they sponsor, the room then becomes the
SITA lab.  If we got these covered we could than charge the workshop
delegates whatever we through was reasonable.  

Would this be acceptable? 

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