[Foss4g2008loc] LOC meeting minutes from 4+5 Oct

Russell Hope Russell.Hope at capetown.gov.za
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I had a discussion with Inge this morning and agreed to support her 
I will have to answer the question about coordinate volunteers  ( please explain ) after the 22 October as I will be out of town for the week 12 to 19 October

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Hi all


Here are the minutes of the meetings we held last week. We've had many hours of power and even more of server downtime over the past few days in Jo'burg which delayed things a bit. 


Core members of the LOC (as per http://wiki.osgeo.org/index.php/FOSS4G_2008_Governance) please read these carefully as there are lots of detailed tasks for you! The attached Gantt chart is also for you to work on your sections. Please work away at these and get back to the list by the specified deadline or asap if no date specified.


I propose adding Russell Hope to the core LOC. Do you accept, Russell? Mainly as another local Cape Town member and to coordinate volunteers.


SITA guys (Ravi, Kroshlen, Clinton and Sarel), could you please have a discussion amongst yourselves as to who would like to, or who should, be on the core LOC. One role would be government liaison. Also, there are several LOC members who are currently overloaded with tasks and we haven't assigned the SITA member(s) anything yet. So if you'd like to volunteer for one of the tasks in the minutes or the Gantt chart, please let us know which one(s). Noting the increased momentum with the government FOSS policy, it is imperative that the conference is tuned to your needs. 


OSGeo LOC members - if you would like to take on any tasks please don't be shy!








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