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Karryn Gracey karryn at peoplesa.co.za
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Hi Everyone,

The reason that Wednesday afternoon was given to the delegates as free time
was because of the banquet evening at Moyo. 

As Moyo was the only venue that could accommodate such a large number of
people and it is an ideal opportunity for international guests to experience
An African meal, entertainment and wonderful South African wine. It is also 
a popular venue for our local delegates. As the delegates will be travelling
by bus in peak traffic we will be leaving from the CTICC / or designated
hotel at 6pm to arrive at Moyo by 7pm (taking peak hour traffic into
consideration.) We have hired busses to transport the delegates. We have
also taken into consideration that busses generally travel at a slower pace
than the average car.

The delegates that are going to Moyo will nedd to be at the designated 'bus
collection and drop off spot ,' by no later than 5:15pm to make sure
everyone is seated on the bus so the busses are ready to leave at on time. 
The onus will be on the delegates not to be late for their transport.

We have also taken into consideration that should there be
workshops/presentations etc on the Wednesday afternoon, the delegates who
would like to go back to their hotels to freshen up will not have time to do
so.  Delegates could use the Wednesday afternoon as an opportunity to do
some sightseeing/shopping and enjoy the beauty that the Cape is famous for.


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Dear Dave

Workshop instructors need to understand that they are part of a larger
event, and every little exception that they introduce creates massive,
unnecessary hassles for the conference organisers and often, extra costs.
They also have to understand the needs of their
victims^H^H^H^H^H^H^Hworkshop participants.

Hence, I would suggest that all workshops conform to the same schedule.  I
have been involved in organising a few conferences and have participated in
many different types of meetings in many different fields in many different
parts of the world, and one thing that is common with all the successful
conferences I have attended is having a consistent schedule, and one thing
that is common with all the unsuccessful conferences is having an
inconsistent schedule.


>>> On 09 April 2008 at 01:17, in message <47FBFD1A.9000206 at confluence.org>,
Patton <davep at confluence.org> wrote:
> Gavin Fleming wrote:
>> See the new programme wiki page http://wiki.osgeo.org/wiki/FOSS4G2008 
>> Do all programme / schedule development here. Daina / Graeme from
>> time to time please ensure that the programme on the conference
>> website matches what is on the wiki
> Just some 'random thoughts' that first came to mind
> when I looked at this page:
> http://conference.osgeo.org/public/conferences/1/schedConfs/1/program.html

> - Workshop Instructors may not be inclined to stop for a break,
>    or may not want a break 'at the scheduled time'
> - in terms of logistics, is it practical to setup on the Sunday
>    for the Monday AM Workshops, then leave that setup "as is"
>    until the Friday Workshops?
> - "free time" on Wednesday afternoon - just a gut feeling that
>    most people would rather have "something" going on than free
>    time in the middle of the conference (it might be a good time
>    to run Workshops, rather than on Friday afternoon)
> Now, having looked at the wiki page, I see there isn't "free time"
> on Wednesday afternoon?

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