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Hi P,


Here is my bit for our weekly report .Please check and add your stuff . Ja
you can take out my direct speech. and take out 'I' and put in 'we' where
necessary. I do think they need to know our concern however we are not
getting involved in finding the solution. We are the event managers - it is
not our conference. (Don't forget to take out this note to you) Please make
sure Carrin and Gavin are the recipients not the whole list as we do not
answer to anyone but G and C. 


C U in the morning








Drama with my laptop since Friday ,so report only going out tonight- didn't
particularly have a heart attack seeing the high volumes of FOSS emails
usually flying around on Fridays!

Anyway sent you another email, with FOSS4G2007 report. Looks like  low
numbers now not so bad? What you think of report as below?





Hi Everyone,


Apologies for the late report due to technical problems on my side.


Registration Stats as at 18 April 2008:


New registrations this week                                 :   2

Total delegates registered : 19 -5(test registrations)= 14

Currently registered users                                    :218

Payment to date                                                 : Nil


Once a delegate registers on the FOSS4G2008 website , PeopleSA receives an
email notification .At present the only information that appears on the
notification is a user name. We need to go into the website each time to
obtain the relevant information  (email address and name and title of the

At our meeting on the 5 March 2008 , we were given the assurance that this
glitch would be sorted out within 2 weeks . To date this has not happened.

For the moment it is not a huge problem, however once the volumes starts
coming in it will become an issue. We would like this rectified long before


Once we receive notification of a new registrant, PeopleSA sends a letter
with an attachment  to the new registrant which the registrant needs to
complete and email/fax back to us. We introduced this extra step in the
registration process as a back up due to the form on the website not having
all the necessary fields to make the registration process seamless and


Of the 14 registrants only two forms have been completed and returned to
PeopleSA :


1.       Inge Netterberg (LOC) - We are unable to invoice Inge as we await
final confirmation on LOC discounts as per the wiki page(currently LOC
members qualify for free registration,no workshops)Gavin has indicated that
there should be discussion on this issue by end April whereafter the
finalised discounts will be loaded on the website .

2.       Dr H Duester - has registered but has indicated that he will be
submitting a paper for a workshop. We cannot finalise his invoice before his
paper is accepted/rejected. Should it be accepted he will qualify to attend
the conference at no cost . (As per previous discussions and confirmed by
Gavin last week)


Per the Report from FOSS4G2007,they had 24 registrations by 30 April 2007. 



Karryn and Petro







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