[Foss4g2008loc] Extend deadline for Workshop/Lab submissions

Daina Mudimbu dmudimbu at ledc.co.za
Tue Apr 29 02:20:29 EDT 2008

Hi All, 

1. Dave: Do you have a suggestion for the new deadline date? This way I
can update with an announcement.

2. Yes I agree, our main page would definitely look great with all
deadline dates as they are available. I believe Graeme & Gavin are the
ones updating the pages. the list I provided was:


30 April 2008: Deadline for submission of proposals for workshops and
16 May 2008: Notification of acceptance of workshop/lab proposal 

12 May 2008: Deadline for submission of abstracts 
17 June 2008: Notification of acceptance of abstracts
18 August 2008: Deadline for submission of presentation / papers for
the proceedings
1 September 2008:Deadline for submission of posters

Sponsors & Exhibitors: registration now open

Important dates for registrations: 
Early bird registrations: closes June 15, 2008
Online registration: closes September 15 2008
Late registration opens September 16 - September 29 2008
On-site registration opens September 29 2008 

Conference Dates September 29 - October 3 2008

3. All teams responsible for all other items with upcoming deadlines
please advise if we may need to extend these before I send the
P.S. those responsible for bulk e-mailing... Graeme is this you as
well? Please advise if you forwarded the announcement I sent out on 23
April. and can we have a system in place so you let me know which of the
announcements have gone out.




>>> davep at confluence.org 04/28/08 5:50 PM >>>
With the deadline for Workshop/Lab submissions
being 2 days away, and today being a holiday
in South Africa, and the conference website
apparently not being setup properly to accept
Workshop/Lab submissions[1], I'd suggest the
deadline be extended.

First, it's FAR too difficult for people to
know what to do to submit a Workshop/Lab.
There should be a clear "list of deadlines"
on the main page.
There should be clear links to take people
directly to their 'area of interest' - for
example, it must say "Workshop and Lab",
not use any 'conference website related'
terminology (such as "Call for Papers",
"Proposal Submission").
The templates should be publicly available
(e.g. both wiki and conference website).
I'd argue that submissions should be accepted
by email, but I think it's maybe too late for
that process to be setup?
The current conference website doesn't work
properly when you do try as an Author to
submit a "Workshops and Labs" Track, because
there is no opportunity to do anything with
any 'template'.
Also, the website needs to allow Authors to
delete their own submissions, or at the
very least flag them for deletion (e.g. if
they change their minds, make a mistake, etc.).

Dave Patton
CIS Canadian Information Systems
Victoria, B.C.

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Technical Coordinator

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