[Foss4g2008loc] Minutes of LOC meeting 22 Aug 08

Gavin Fleming GavinF at mintek.co.za
Wed Aug 27 18:10:32 EDT 2008

Meeting held 22 Aug 15h00 - 17h00 SAST
Present via conference call: Gavin, Daina, Graeme, Alize, Inge, Burnie
Input / reports submitted beforehand (thanks!): Serena, Mandy, Magda, Russell, Burnie, PeopleSA

	Budget: Gavin working on it pending current input. Will be reconciled next week as several orders need to be placed. Need to add Fountains venue and various other items 
	Posters: Mandy will be ordering 7/8 boards via PeopleSA. Poster presenters must also pay by deadline if their abstracts are to appear in the proceedings.
	Workshop wiki: Graeme to remove reference to seat numbers on the wiki and just state 'seats available', then 'last seats available' when down to 10, then 'no seats left' when full.
	Workshops, labs, presentations, posters: Graeme, Inge, Serena, Mandy to liaise with presenters to confirm REGISTRATION and PAYMENT, and communciate and publish SCHEDULE. OCS will be final formal schedule. 
	Workshops: Ruby on Rails pulled out, we won't replace. Once Lab slot available. Try to fill with MadMapper. 
	Half-day registration: Gavin will create a new registration category for those who want to attend Monday morning, Friday morning or Friday afternoon - i.e. selling workshops and technical visits separately. [Gavin added - technical visits don't apply, only workshops]. It will be available immediately for admin use if users request and will be public and promoted from 16 September. R650 is proposed price, to include lunch.
	Payment deadlines: All to communicate and enforce. ALL presenters to be REGISTERED by 22nd and PAID by 31st, unless by special request.  Remainder of registrants to be PAID before they are admitted to the venue!
	Sponsors and exhibitors: Madga submitted report of latest status. Seems to match the Google Doc except for SanParks and CGS. And GeoCat listed with no other info. Magda please respond. Petro to confirm that payment status is updated on the Google Doc. Firm income from exhibitors and sponsors stands at around R900 000. 
	Exhibition floor: To limit the number of open stands and reduce costs (Petro awaiting new quote), Magda and Petro have removed stands 1-18. That leaves us with 28 stands, which are almost full. We can add extras back as needed. Magda to update Exhibitor wiki page. 
	Exhibitor and sponsor catalog in Programme: Magda to ensure that logos, adverts, descriptions etc. are put together properly for the conference programme and as per Prospectus. 
	Logos and images: Magda is the repository of all logos and images for web and printing. All to send images to her. 
	Image specifications: web sidebar: 200 pixel width, max 200 pixel height. jpg, gif or png. Print: min 300 pref 600 dpi tiff or jpg to be supplied at required size or larger for proceedings, bags, etc. 
	Website: Tyler to move Media partners (with logos) to BOTTOM RIGHT sidebar. Also to investigate the fate of the footer image and to put it back, with image mappings. Also to investigate ticker or otherwise to cycle through Exhibitor names as they don't get a logo but we'd like to list them. Tyler or Graeme to make Brochure and email form / registration form available on website. 
	Registration process: Daina echoed various others' views that the registration process is 'clunky' and not ideal, from her experience. Daina proposed improving the form that gets sent out, from a registrant's perspective.
	Sponsor banners: Banners will be placed in areas of descending prominence according to sponsorship level. The window wall where stands 1-18 were is now available. [Flagpoles in the street outside are also available. Can we use these as a new incentive?]
	Lightning talks, demo theatre and code sprint: These appear to be under control with Tim.
	Plenaries: Carrin to urgently work on detailed opening and closing programmes on Programme wiki page. 
	Computers, network, bandwidth: Burnie supplied a new quote from ProsperIS, the 'preferred' IT supplier for CTICC. Pending better deals or a good purchase discount, we will be hiring workshop and sundry computers from ProsperIS, who will also set up network (cabe and wifi) and arrange bandwidth. They propose sponsoring wifi and on-site support.  Presenter notebooks are separate and are part of the AV deal. Computers and networks will be set-up on SUNDAY 28TH. If nothing better crops up, Burnie arrange for order to be placed with ProsperIS on 29 Aug. Burnie suggested using GIMS roaming training notebooks for workshops - to approach GIMS urgently.
	Marketing and comms: Daina to focus on Tectonic animate gif and media partner deal fulfilment. All to communicate as far and wide as possible - use Announcement and Communication wiki pages as guides.
	Next meeting: weekly meetings from now - next one 12 - 13h00 SAST 29th. Same arrangement via teleconference.

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