[Foss4g2008loc] PeopleSA meeting minutes 26 August + extra LOC minutes from 22nd

Gavin Fleming GavinF at mintek.co.za
Thu Aug 28 00:55:05 EDT 2008

LOC minutes from 22 Aug continued
21. Clare van Zwieten confirmed as free conference pass as per media deal. PositionIT will be the only media partner sending a reporter.
22. We need to ramp up registrations from current 4-5 per day to at least 10 per day to reach 600.
23. Auditorium 2 for 600 available to swap with Audi 1 (1500) as it would be cheaper and appear fuller. Audi 1 apparently much nicer and we're being optimistic, so will wait till the last minute to make the call. Petro to inform when that last minute is.
24. Workshop bookings are slow - they are yet to tally with the number of 'conference+workshop' registrations. Gavin and PeopleSA to push registrants to choose.
25. Volunteers: Russell submitted a draft Volunteers handbook. Russell to please circulate to LOC asap for input. Gavin to respond offline on other volunteer matters.
Minutes of meeting with PeopleSA 26 Aug 11 - 13h00 at Mintek.
Present: Karryn, Petro, Gavin, with Mandy on the sidelines.
Main reason for meeting: Orders and deposits are due end August for Moyo, CTICC, exhibitors, AV, IT, etc. 

	Programme / run of events: Various details and changes were discussed. Gavin will update these on the Programme wiki page. 
	EDRC sponsorship: major bureaucratic exercise - Karryn and Petro to be commended on their patience in helping us secure R40000, but it is slowly approaching a done deal.
	Numbers: 133 invoiced for conference + workshops. 136 invoiced for conference alone = total 269 invoiced + 80 who haven't sent their forms back [they have been reminded - Gavin proposes they get invoiced anyway] = ~350 registrants as per website (duds and withdrawals are being cleaned out regularly). 29 are full discount. 
	Forecast: conservatively, 500. Optimistically >600. But we'll order variable cost items based on 500.
	Gala dinner: 90% of regsitrants are going for the gala dinner, so we'll reserve 450 seats and buses to match. Let Moyo know our final number a week before, keeping some in reserve to sell at the conference. Petro to ask Moyo not to charge for seats not taken if they manage to sell them to the public. We will sell tickets till Tues lunchtime and give absolute final number ot Moyo then.
	Run of events: See Programme wiki updates shortly.
	Menus / food: PeopleSA will send out menu choices to the LOC this week.
	Walkie-talkies: 10
	1st aid to be booked for icebreaker function
	workshop transport: Graeme and Petro to liaise re buses to UCT. Alize and Petro to liaise re tech visit buses.
	icebreaker sponsorship: Petro to liaise with Richard at SAB regarding drinks and corkage barter - we'd like to offer two free drinks, cash bar thereafter. Supper is of course already budgeted. 

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