[Foss4g2008loc] RE: [Foss4g2009] Re: [Foss4g2009-private] FOSS4G internet requirements for conference and workshops

Gavin Fleming GavinF at mintek.co.za
Mon Dec 8 15:36:48 EST 2008

> Conference Access
> - Approximate number of delegates that had personal laptops/PDA/smart
> phones with WiFi?

lots! we expected more than the average (for SA) and we got it. More than that - those with devices who came from home countries with cheap fast broadband expected the same performance so it didn't take many to clog the system. Aussie prob has cheaper rates but we had 'standard' supply and bought and additional 2MBs bandwidth which was adequate for basic requirements but not for intense FOSS4G usage. 

In SA we have a telecom monopoly and while the infrastructure is fine prices are not, so it would have been prohibitive to provide 'developed world' bandwidth. So we had less than a lot of foreigners expected but more than most South Africans ever get. Which was good really as it was a dose of reality for developers who want their systems to work in the 'developing world'. 

it was an eye-opener for most newcomers to the FOSS scene, with the amount of IRC, twitter, blogging, photo uploading, etc. going on. 

some internet dependent activities suffered e.g. GeoDjango workshop which was in a patchy wifi spot and the demo theatre - tea and lunch were heavy public usage times so internet intensive demos slowed down. So unless you have unlimited bandwidth, be aware of this. 

> - What was the connection speed?

2MBs + a few 64kBs packages.
> - Was it shared, routed, or firewalled in any way?

all I know it was on a VLAN, not firewalled, no password access
> - How much was downloaded/uploaded over the total event?

didn't keep track but could probably get it 
> - How big was the coverage area? ie: did the session rooms have wireless
> access or just the exhibition area?

we had full wifi coverage throughout all FOSS4G areas of the CTICC = portions of two floors + exhibition hall + auditorium + open space and hallways. 
> - How many WAP's were utilized?

I think it was 6: 2 in exhibition hall, one in auditorium, the rest dotted around 
> Workshop Access
> - For the workshop PC's what is going to be installed/used on those
> computers
> - Will there be any internet based activities going to be taking place
> ie:  webcasting etc

all workshop PCs (100), internet cafe (3), demo theatre PCs (2), LOC office(1), speaker prep room (1) and one or two others were cabled in.

exhibitors used wifi - if they wanted cable it was at their own expense. 

we didn't have enough bandwidth to support any web/screen/podcasting. 

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