[Foss4g2008loc] FW: Listing FOSS4G2008 on the ICA website

Frank Warmerdam warmerdam at pobox.com
Mon Feb 4 08:42:07 EST 2008

Graeme McFerren wrote:
> In my opinion, this is an OSGEO-led event. Furthermore, the focus is not on
> GIScience and Cartography so much as on GIS solutions through FOSS GIS
> (alone and in conjunction with proprietary GIS) and on the development of
> the software infrastructure that can enable solutions. So, I am wondering
> where the ICA fits in. How does OSGEO feel about an ICA stamp of approval
> and a say in how things are run for what is essentially its own conference?
> What does GISSA feel about it too, seeing as we are running in conjunction
> with the GISSA Conference?


Well, I wouldn't mind an ICA involvement as long as we retain a strong focus
on free software.   It seems like the main "cost" of ICA involvement would
be an extra logo, time taken up in the opening plenary for a speech and
an additional free attendie based on a slot on the committee.

All that would be harmless if there was actually meaningful ICA contribution
in a promotional and content sense.  Cartography is an important part of what
we are trying to do with FOSS and if there were ICA folks willing to address
how FOSS can be used for effective cartography (and perhaps the challenges and
opportunities that remain) then that could be constructive.

If the effort just turns out to be a very faint acknowledgement of the
conference by ICA and no meaningful connections between cartography and FOSS
then I'm less enthusiastic.  But I also feel that this can be adequately
address by the LOC based on the needs of the conference.

NOTE: the above is my personal opinion, and doesn't represent a consensus
OSGeo view. :-)

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