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1.	For the Academic track we need to publish a proceedings with an ISBN
number. Do we want to publish this as a CD or as a book? 


2.	For the general presentations track, are we going to post the
presentations on the web, or publish it on a CD? This makes a rather large
difference to the closing date for presentations. And some people in Africa
have bandwidth problems.


3.	If we go with CD's for both the academic track and general
presentations track or book, do we include these in the delegate bag or post
these to delegates after the fact?


4.	How does the "open community process" work on the selection of


My suggestion is (and how the call for papers is written): 

a)       Publish all the abstracts & programme in an abstract book, with a
pocket programme.

b)       Publish both the peer reviewed papers and general presentations on
a CD with an ISBN number (since we have bandwidth issues in Africa). A
selection of peer reviewed papers will be published in the SACJ

c)       Have both of these (a and b) ready for inclusion in the delegate
bag. This makes the submission dates for both the peer reviewed papers and
the general presentations the same (18 August). However most authors tend to
leave their presentations to the last minute and thus we may not have all
the presentations for inclusion on the CD. 


Your comments please










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