[Foss4g2008loc] Proceedings and/or CD

Paul Scott pscott at uwc.ac.za
Tue Mar 11 00:33:38 EDT 2008

On Mon, 2008-03-10 at 20:42 -0700, Dave Patton wrote:
> > 4.	How does the "open community process" work on the selection of
> > presentations?
> How did it work for FOSS4G2007, or how do people
> want to make it work for 2008?

If I could make a suggestion. I could set up a site for presentations
that people can download them in a bunch of formats as well. Check out
http://chameleon.uwc.ac.za as an example.

This kind of thing works really well for us and our general
presentations that I make around the world and as an additional bonus,
people can comment and or include presentations in blogs etc as well.


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