[Foss4g2008loc] keynote speakers

Gavin Fleming GavinF at mintek.co.za
Fri Mar 14 08:40:21 EDT 2008

Mark has about as much to do with GIS as Damian Conway (of Perl fame)
has. Damian's message was 'a geek eye for the suit guy' - i.e. what is
the open source message to take to managers and decision makers to
convince them of its business case. He didn't mention GIS once but had a
great message delivered powerfully and entertainingly. 

So, the speaker doesn't have to have a huge connection with GIS although
that would be great, but a connection with Open Source (and/or another
connection to the conference theme) and a great message or story are
essential. And of course great speaking skills. 

Re Paul S' suggestion: Paul R, are you up to it? 

Any opinions on a repeat (with variations) of Damian? 


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On Fri, 2008-03-14 at 10:04 +0200, Gavin Fleming wrote:
> Please send suggestions and contacts for keynote speakers at
> FOSS4G2008. Damian Conway was fantastic in 2007. I've just found out
> that our hot favourite for 2008, Mark Shuttleworth, can't make it.
> Graeme is following up on a few leads but I want to spread our net a
> bit wider.

What exactly does Mark Shuttleworth have to do with GIS??

How about the folks from Refractions giving a keynote? That at least
would be valuable...

Just my R0.02


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