[Foss4g2008loc] LOC communication and progress

Karryn Gracey karryn at peoplesa.co.za
Thu Mar 20 01:49:03 EDT 2008

Hello Everyone,


The following people have registered. I have however not received the forms
back that I sent from PeopleSA. No therefore no registration payments have
been received either.


Gavin Fleming

Adedayo Gali

Graeme McFerren

Jacques Schalkwyk

Ibon Tamayo



I have also sent out a reminder to each user that they are welcome to
register as a delegate. I did not send this reminder to Tyler Mitchell ,
Paul Ramsay and Jeff McKenna.  I asked whether it would be appropriate that
I send them a reminder but to date have not had a response.  


I also sent out emails to the 'test registrations' to invite them to do the
registration now that we had gone live.


Thanks and have a great weekend.


Karryn and Petro






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Hi all


In the absence of specific requests please send weekly reports to the list
about progress on your portfolio by the latest Friday each week (check your
portfolios and other info at our wiki
bmit> ):


Petro, Karryn: statement of account, summary of registrations

Inge: number of abstracts submitted

Burnie: number of workshop proposals submitted

Magda and Dawn: sponsor and exhibitor status

Dawn: marketing report


To repeat: those of you who have functional roles on the website: Inge,
Burnie and others as we go along, need to familiarise yourself with how to
do your job on the site. e.g. Calls, submissions, reviews. Take charge and
make it happen, Graeme and Tyler are there to help.


All: If you send something out to the list for comment or review, give a
deadline. After the deadline, take the initiative and whatever input you get
and proceed. There's no time to wait on ceremony. 


Gavin Fleming MSc, Pr. GISc Technologist

Senior GISc and Sustainable Development Researcher 

FOSS4G2008 conference chair

Mintek, 200 Malibongwe Drive (formerly Hans Strijdom Drive)

P/Bag X3015, Randburg, 2125, South Africa

w: +27-11-709-4668 c: 0845965680 f: 0866164820

xmpp (Jabber, Google Talk, etc.): gavinjfleming at gmail.com

Skype: phlemingo

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