[Foss4g2008loc] LOC meeting later this week

burnie nawn jbnawn at hotmail.com
Tue May 13 03:02:18 EDT 2008

Would love to attend, but only if there is some serious downhill parking. My starter motor seem to have one of the seasonal changing bugs and needs a run start from time to time.
Kind regards,Burnie Nawn  0837785352

Date: Tue, 13 May 2008 08:01:59 +0200From: GavinF at mintek.co.zaTo: foss4g2008loc at lists.osgeo.orgSubject: [Foss4g2008loc] LOC meeting later this week

It’s time we had another meeting, our last one being before the GISSA AGM. It’s crunch time for marketing, submissions, exhibitors and sponsors. I propose meeting at the Mintek recreation club on Friday at 16h00 for those of you in and around Jo’burg or Pretoria, with a round of drinks on me. 
Voting members of the LOC let me know if that suits you and I’ll send out an agenda. We could use a different venue if we decide to conference call or IRC, but that was difficult the last time we tried.
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