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Inge Netterberg inge.netterberg at gmail.com
Tue May 13 11:05:15 EDT 2008

Hi Mandy,

Antony has suggested a shorter abstract for posters - it might be an idea. 

My thinking with the 500-600 words is to keep it the same as the others. But
Antony has a point. 

Your comments


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Hi Inge

For posters, an abstract of 500 words is perhaps too demanding - the poster
itself might only be 500 words long.  I would suggest that you require the
abstract for posters to be 150-300 words.


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> Hi Mandy,
> Sorry for the quiet..
> This looks great please just change the length of the abstract to 500 -
> words.
> So it should read...
> "Should you wish to display a poster at the conference please submit a
> abstract of 500-600 words detailing the topic and content of your proposed
> poster."
> Please format to look like the extension of abstract submission doc
> to u earlier). 
> Take those dates in the programme as given. 
> Perhaps add something about if you missed the paper abstract deadline then
> submit a poster abstract.
> We need to add something about the timing for the notice of acceptance of
> posters. Will a week be enough time to sort out which ones are officially
> accepted? Can we get the notice to the author that it's officially
> by the 8th Sept? That will give them a chance to make last min travel
> arrangements if necessary.
> I assume that we are not including these in the proceedings? Might be
> with printing and layouts of abstract book/programme... they can included
> website.  
> regards
> Inge
> PS if you don't hear from me in the time frame you expect too please call
> - things are a bit mantic..  0824188712

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