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Daina Mudimbu dmudimbu at ledc.co.za
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Hi Serena,
Thanks for the inputs.
My apologies the dates in 2. Below should have read 6/7 JULY .. I had
thought if the date of submission of papers was to change then the
committee for abstracts evaluation may have wanted to extend the
appraisal period and hence move the date of notification. I guess we
will await the decision of the LOC then on whether it becomes 23 May or
19 May... then perhaps you can advise if the notification date will

on 3. I have no idea where 14 May came from.. I think its Graeme and
Gavin making the edits on the website so perhaps they can advise.



>>> "Serena Coetzee" <scoetzee at cs.up.ac.za> 05/12/08 9:25 PM >>>

I support your idea of looking at all the deadlines, rather than
them on one by one.  Below my comments on your suggested deadlines:

1. 12 May 2008: Deadline for submission of abstracts ..... proposal to
extend to 23 May
--> I am on leave from 20 May to 23 May, and then at ISO meetings in
until 31 May.  From the number of e-mails I got today of people
to submit their abstracts, I would prefer to be here at my desk on the
day of submissions. Therefore I would prefer that the deadline for
submission of academic abstracts does not move further than 19 May.
are 30-35 academic abstracts, which is more than enough to fill one day
12 presentations.  If we keep the call open for another week, maybe we
be able to fill two days with 12 academic presentations each.

2. 17 June 2008: Notification of acceptance of abstracts..... unknown,
please advise on new date ... 6 June/11 June??
--> I'm not sure why you want to move this date earlier?  It is
for me to finish by then, especially now that the submission deadline
be moved later.  I will have to finish the academic notifications by
June, I cannot do it later than that.

3. Note also that the deadline on the website (on the right hand side)
currently displayed as 14 May???


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Dear All,

May I propose that we relook all the deadlines we had below and advise
accordingly on all the others that will change other than those
indicated.  Perhaps we can then be proactive and not wait for the
deadline to pass before we announce the extension or we try not to
a final call and then have to recall and extend but rather just extend
on the announcement originally planned as final call... it may confuse
those who want to submit.

As you check the deadlines please advise on the new dates of
notification so that we have an accurate and updated announcement with
relevant deadlines. may I propose we have all our dates in order
we make further announcements. 


30 April 2008: Deadline for submission of proposals for workshops and
labs .... now extended to 23 May 2008
16 May 2008: Notification of acceptance of workshop/lab proposal .....
unknown... please advise if 6 June/11 June will be appropriate

12 May 2008: Deadline for submission of abstracts ..... proposal to
extend to 23 May
17 June 2008: Notification of acceptance of abstracts..... unknown,
please advise on new date ... 6 June/11 June??
18 August 2008: Deadline for submission of presentation / papers for
the proceedings .... will this remain???
1 September 2008:Deadline for submission of posters.... will this

Sponsors & Exhibitors: registration now open

Important dates for registrations: 
Early bird registrations: closes June 15, 2008 .. in light of extended
workshop/lab, paper submission... program will be later so will this
Online registration: closes September 15 2008 .... impact of above on

Late registration opens September 16 - September 29 2008 ..... if
changes then new date ?????

On-site registration opens September 29 2008 

Conference Dates September 29 - October 3 2008



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>>> GavinF at mintek.co.za 05/12/08 11:35 AM >>>
That's great news.


We do plan to extend workshop and paper submissions till 23rd May for
various reasons including the fact that Where 2.0 is on this week and
would have interfered with our current deadline. 


I'll announce this and Graeme will set the website up to reflect this
tomorrow. Any objections or comments from the LOC by the end of today


By my count we need minimum 80 presentations to fill the programme so
want many more than that to select from. If we split some venues I
we can fit up to 120 presentations. 


Inge and Serena please send me a short paragraph giving a feel for the
topics submitted so far that we can send out as a taster in the
announcement and post on the website. 





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Subject: paper submissions


Dear All,


At my count just now we have:


26     Academic submissions

34     General submissions

2    Poster submissions


I suspect we will extent the deadline as Gavin has already mentioned
it is much better than on Friday. I will monitor it again this







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