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Thanks Daina

My responses:

2. If anyone's not sure of where to send announcements follow the e-mail
marketing list at http://wiki.osgeo.org/wiki/FOSS4G2008_Communication.
e.g. for the foss4g-newsletter which has > 2000 names at present send
your announcement to Paul Scott and myself and one of us will post it.
GISSA regional chairs need to get the notices out to their lists via

3. I'll use your announcement Daina for the notice to go out soon about
extending the deadlines - thanks for drafting it.

4. Daina / Inge please continue following up with Victor re payment.
I've uploaded that new banner to the wiki (on the above page). Perhaps
he could generate a smaller version that will fit in website side-bars?

5. I've registered on several lists. If you (any of you) are registered
on a list and can send notices to it please do so and also add your name
next to the list name on the above wiki page.

6. Daina please pursue with PositionIT urgently as their deadline is
approaching - great idea. Develop the form in conjunction with Karryn.



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Hi All,
The latest marketing tasks (exhibitors.. I haven't helped at all in
that section yet):
1. Yes Gavin, I learnt to work the wiki and did some editing of the
communication page, checking on what was there in 2007 I set up a list
of the notices we need to send and prepared the dates for sanding out of
the deadline for submission for all announcement.

2. I sent out an announcement of the week to go deadline for workshop
submissions on 23/04/08. I did not get a response on who would be
sending this for bulk mailing and so have no clue ho far it went. I sent
it out to the GISSA MP, no clue if through Carrin the other GISSA
regions sent it out too. Then on the 28/04 suggestions came in from Dave
P, that we needed to extend the deadline. Burnie suggested we extend to
11 May (that's this Sunday) and then Dave counter suggested the 23rd
May. There were no further comments from the LOC and I have not acted on
sending out a new notice.
way forward???... any suggestions??

3. Deadline for Paper/Abstract submission... I had planned to send out
a week to go reminder on 5/05.. my apologies this week has not gone as
planned. I see you have drafted an announcement that indicates this
deadline... do I need to draft a separate announcement still? Serena and
paper submission crew is 12 May still ok and is there any chance you
will need to extend ... AND do you want me to draft another announcement
especially for the call for papers?? Its late though as the closing date
is Monday... would only have the weekend if we are sticking with 12

4. Banners for website... Inge contacted Victor and asked if he could
work on a new banner for website... He's produced a fantastic one
(attached). Apparently to date we have not paid him for all previous
work and he has not responded on my query regarding what the costs would
be for all previous work and the banner. I have asked Inge to perhaps
check with him on what the costs are and am unsure on whether we go
ahead and use the banner before we have paid and if he will be ok with
that... hen also if this will not have an impact on the budget.

5. Registration on mailing lists and websites: I haven't done as much
on here... I just added the sites and contact Carrin suggested we make.
Will attempt making more contacts this weekend.

6. General marketing: 
a. I tried to find if anyone has pictures we could use on the main page
to spice it up, other than after the link to people SA and the lone
Moyo's pictures we have very little attractive pics on the site... AND
we need them for any brochures that we may want to prepare for e-mailing
or posting as part of paper marketing.
b. I requested info from Position IT on what the costs would be for
placing a tear-off form for registration for circulation with one of
their publications... haven't got that yet.



>>> "Gavin Fleming" <GavinF at mintek.co.za> 05/09/08 12:03 PM >>>
Hi Magda and Daina


Please send me a short report asap with the latest exhibitor status
recent marketing / communication actions. 


Daina I see you've edited the wiki communication page quite a bit -
great stuff. We need to buy some mailing lists and get spam out every
few days now! Please action ordering those mailing lists we discussed
the list several weeks ago. 




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