[Foss4g2008loc] Announcement fix

Tyler Mitchell (OSGeo) tmitchell at osgeo.org
Wed Sep 3 14:35:48 EDT 2008

Some announcements were removed from the site when deleting the 2009  
test environment.  I've restored most (all?) of them now at:

I think there were two other announcements missing between 13-June  
and 29-August but I don't have them in my backups.  If you have the  
text, you can re-add them manually, then let me know and I'll back- 
date them in the db so they appear in the right order.

Note: when adding announcements be sure to select "2008" as the  
scheduled conference any new announcements apply to.  Not all were  
previously set this way, which is how they got removed (the system  
didn't see them as 2008 specific announcements).


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