[gdal-dev] Well known text format [Was: Re: Problem reading a '.bil' file]

Frank Warmerdam warmerda at h...
Tue Oct 31 09:52:15 EST 2000

Aleksey Naumov wrote:
> Thanks, Frank! It works now... very stupid of me :-)
> I have another question - about WKT, well known text format
> for geometry. OGR has methods to deal with WKT in several classes,
> like OGRPolygon::importFromWkt(). I can see what they do, but is
> there a formal description of the WKT format somewhere? I am looking
> in the current "OpenGIS Simple Features Specification for OLE/COM"
> document, but see no description of WKT, only WKB. Where should
> I look?


Questions about OGR are better sent on the sfcom-dev at egroups.com list, though
the line between OGR and GDAL is a bit blurry.

There are a two well known text formats. One for coordinate systems (used
through GDAL to represent projections), and one for vector geometry (used
only with the OGRGeometry derived classes). 

As far as I know the well known text for geometry is defined only within the
OGC Simple Features for SQL standard. 

When I started OGR presumptuously stood for "Open GIS Reference" as I hoped
it might become a reference implementation of the some of the simple features
specifications. Now it just stands for OGR, and the full name for the OGR
portion of GDAL is the "OGR Simple Features Library". 

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