Well known text format [Was: Re: Problem reading a '.bil' file]

Aleksey Naumov naumov at a...
Tue Oct 31 02:19:11 EST 2000

Thanks, Frank! It works now... very stupid of me :-)

I have another question - about WKT, well known text format
for geometry. OGR has methods to deal with WKT in several classes,
like OGRPolygon::importFromWkt(). I can see what they do, but is
there a formal description of the WKT format somewhere? I am looking
in the current "OpenGIS Simple Features Specification for OLE/COM"
document, but see no description of WKT, only WKB. Where should
I look?

BTW, what does OGR stand for (Open GIS ?...)? It's easier to
remember this way... :-)


Frank Warmerdam wrote:

> Alexsey,
> I have determined that the problem is your selecting the header file to
> open instead of the data file. I know this, because I made the same
> mistake. :-)
> I have fixed the EHdr user documentation in frmt_various.html, and will
> modify the driver to emit a reasonable error if the user does this.
> Best regards,
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