Global --use-internal option for configure?

Simon Perkins s.perkins at l...
Mon Dec 10 18:19:23 EST 2001


We want to distribute a pre-compiled version of the GDAL library along with our
software, since our customers often don't have up to date facilities to compile
code on their Solaris machines. It would be nice to have an option to make GDAL
as self contained as possible, i.e. by using the internal version of libraries
such as libgif, libpng, etc, and disabling calls to weird libraries that they
might not have. It is possible to achieve this effect with a string of flags to
configure, but I wondered whether it would be nice to have a single flag that
produced a reasonably self-contained libgdal, e.g. configure --use-all-internal,
or something? This would also mean that when new formats are added to GDAL you
don't have to adjust the string of flags you pass to configure. Let me know if
you have any objections, comments and if there's no problems I'll go add it in. 



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