Using GDAL/OGR/OGDI to read ArcInfo road networks

Ben Discoe ben at v...
Tue Oct 16 10:17:38 EDT 2001

Hi Frank,

I am trying to figure out how to get some data into GDAL/OGR..

I am encountering users who use ArcInfo for road networks. I'd like to be
able to read these roads, with topology intact, into the VTP software, via

If they export the roads, as arc Shapefiles, then the topology is lost,
since Shapefiles aren't capable of it.

So, i think i need to read the Arc coverage directly - which is quite a
number of small files, with extensions like .adf, .dir, .dat, .nit.

Looking at the OGR documentation, i believe i need OGDI. So, i downloaded
the OGDI source and built it.

Next, i presume i'll need a version of GDAL/OGR with OGDI support turned on.
You just released a binary ( with that feature enabled,
but it lacks the headers/import library. Do i need to build GDAL myself,
with OGDI enabled? If so, how?

Presuming that is resolved, what would the next step be? I read the OGDI
documentation, but it's not clear how to use it. The files are local; do i
really need to provide a "gltp://" path just to load a local file?


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