trying to get lat/lon out of sdts dem

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Tue Oct 23 18:10:32 EDT 2001

--- In gdal-dev at y..., Frank Warmerdam <warmerdam at p...> wrote:
> nakiya123 at y... wrote:
> > double dfGeorefX=0.0, dfGeorefY=0.0;
> I think the above line is your problem. You are starting with
> a dfGeorefX and dfGeorefY of (0,0), which is the bottom left corner
> of the UTM zone. You need to set the initial dfGeorefX and dfGeorefY
> values based on the GeoTransform as I showed in my email. Note that
> the OGRCoordinateTransformation is only used to transform a correct
> UTM coordinate to lat/long. It doesn't know anything about how to
> determine the original utm coordinates.
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Sorry bout that double posting everyone.

Thanks, that was it. 
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