[gdal-dev] Compiling from CVS

Frank Warmerdam warmerdam at p...
Mon Feb 11 20:59:04 EST 2002

Tyler Mitchell wrote:
> I wasn't sure I already asked this or not, but I'm trying to compile GDAL
> from CVS and appear to get stuck in a loop while running make.
> My configure and make output at include below.
> Can you help me get it so I can compile it? I want to get that new DGN
> support running. Do you do nightly builds for windows? I'm specifically
> interested in DGN and ECW support.


You almost certainly did a control-C during a configure. Unfortunately one
of my directories is called core, and a control-C in configure will do an
"rm -rf core" which blows it away. Subsequent attempts to make the tree
fail in the way you see because the "cd core" step fails.

Please do a "cvs update -d" in the gdal root and re-configure.

I don't do nightly builds for Windows, though I could do a windows build
for you with ECW and DGN support if you would like.

Good luck,

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