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pushkar pradhan pushkar_s_pradhan at y...
Tue Feb 12 18:37:28 EST 2002

Hi everybody,
I am using gdal 1.1.5 with mapserver 3.5. Since I am
not getting MS to display my imgs. I am using gdalinfo
utility in the apps dire. to get more info., when I
gdalinfo myimage.tif, I get the foll. mesg.:
Banshee[25] pushkar$ gdalinfo
ERROR 1: :0: Bad value for "SamplesPerPixel"
GDALOpen failed - 1
:0: Bad value for "SamplesPerPixel"

This happened with a couple of images I downloaded
from the web as well as the data given to me by my
However when I use the ImageMagick utility identify I
get the correct info. about the image, actually many
image proc. utilities display the image without any
Can anyone tell me where I need to concentrate to find
this error?

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