[gdal-dev] Xerces version?

Frank Warmerdam warmerdam at p...
Wed Sep 11 15:19:32 EDT 2002

Ben Discoe wrote:
> What version of Xerces should i use to build GDAL? The last time i grabbed
> the gdal 1.1.7 source archive, it seemed to want Xerces 1.7.0. But, the
> latest Xerces is 2.1.0. Building against it has linking problems. If i
> grab GDAL from cvs, will it work with a newer version of Xerces? Or should
> i wait until the next GDAL source archive is released? Or should I dig the
> 1.7.0 version out of the archive part of the Xerces site?


GDAL's GML code in CVS has not been tested against newer Xerces parsers. I
actually use a snapshot of Xerces from 2002-01-23 but hopefully version
1.7.0 or shortly after should be OK.

I would also be willing to upgrade to Xerces 2.x if you find that alot

BTW, I intend to further refine my GML support, likely in early October.

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