[gdal-dev] MapInfo Seamless layers - limit to the number of base tables

Frank Warmerdam warmerdam at p...
Thu Sep 19 15:09:12 EDT 2002

Martin, Daniel wrote:
> I've run into a bug with OGR using MapInfo Seamless layers. If you 
> create a Seamless layer with a large number of base tables, OGR can't 
> open it. I haven't yet determined what the number is, but it's 
> somewhere below the number of 12,900+ base tables that make up the TIGER 
> Line data set. I can create the Seamless layer with a smaller number of 
> base tables and OGR can read it fine. I then append more and more base 
> tables, and eventually OGR stops reading it.
> I can send someone the Seamless layer if need be - but not all the base 
> tables (15 gigs).
> Do I need to report this bug elsewhere, or is this the best place? 
> Also, does anyone have any ideas for a work around? I'm in a bit of a 
> rush to finish what I'm working on right now.


The Mapinfo support is based on MITAB, so the best place to report this is
the MITAB mailing list. However, Daniel M. reads this list too so this
should be sufficient. There is no public MITAB bug system so I would suggest
filing this bug report in the GDAL Bugzilla.

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